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BBC Sport to Northamptonshire students

8 August 2019

Sports Producer Micky Payne has worked for the BBC for 25 years covering a range of international live sporting events, including Olympics and football World Cups. He wanted to share his career experience, to inspire the next generation about the possibilities of a career in the media.

Reflecting on his career journey, Micky was excited to support enthusiastic young people to understand the career opportunities available to them:

“I signed-up to Give An Hour in April this year. Why? I wanted to support eager young people to discover the opportunities available to them.

“When I was at school, you relied on people taking an interest in your future, such as a teacher or your family. I want to ensure that today’s young people know what careers are out there. The more options you have, the better choices you end up making.

Since registering to Give An Hour, Micky has worked with three schools across Northamptonshire.

“So far, I’ve worked with groups of 10 - 20 media students giving them an insight into the world of media and how my career path led me there. During the sessions, students have the opportunity to ask questions, while I play a sporting event that I’ve produced in the background.

“These sessions show the students that media is an accessible career. The video allows students to ask real-time questions about producing a sporting event e.g. the camera angles used and the technical jobs that support the production.  And gives them a first-hand insight into a real career in media.

“A lot of young people have the misconception that the BBC isn’t an approachable company. I want to inspire young people to work in media and let them know that the BBC offers a fantastic range of careers.”

So far, Micky has given three hours of his time to inspire our future workforce, enlightening students about their career opportunities and making a HUGE impact.

“Students want to hear what you have to say.”

“The best thing about working with young people is seeing them be animated, hearing them ask insightful questions and knowing that they are interested in what I’m talking about.

“All I want is for young people to know that working in media is a fantastic career option – and that media jobs aren’t for ‘other people’ to take.”

Through this experience, Micky has been able to gain a better understanding of what the future workforce will look like and get a first-hand insight into how young people are currently consuming media.

What would be your advice for another organisation looking to volunteer in a similar way?

“Just do it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the engagement and enthusiasm you receive. It’s only an hour, so why not?”

Young people who receive 4 or more employer encounters whilst at school/college are significantly less likely to become not in education, employment or training (NEET) and will on average, earn more over their career.

Benefit your future workforce by giving an hour.

Give an hour

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