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Inspiration to watch

30 January 2020

James Stancombe, former Growth Hub Business Adviser signed up to become an Enterprise Adviser in April 2019 to inspire the future workforce. Read about his journey in his words below:

“I volunteered as an enterprise adviser when casting around for new experiences to further my own career. Coming from a family of teachers and having been the careers-library monitor at school (looking after index cards in a shoe box), it is an area that has always been of interest. It seemed a good match with my recent experience of working with local firms for business support projects. 

In the six months since I started, I have been assigned to Southfield School in Kettering, had a couple of familiarisation visits there and sought support from local firms for an enterprise day for Year-8 students. I have helped two other local schools with similar activities and stepped in to interview Year 11 students about their career aspirations. There have also been a couple of meetings at local firms with other enterprise advisers to understand good practice.

It has been inspirational to watch students seize the tasks set for them on enterprise days, observe the emergence of leaders and watch the compassion they show for each other, all under the benevolent gaze of their teachers. It has also been motivational to visit schools and firms pursuing world-class performance.

There have been lows too. I understand that all businesses are busy, but I am determined to find businesses that care about the future.

Schools and firms do inhabit different worlds in many ways and yet are interdependent. Enterprise advisers play an important role in bringing them closer together and improving the understanding between them.

The emphasis is less on time spent in school and more on spreading the word among local firms through your networks and keeping an eye out for opportunities. The information and support that you receive from the team at SEMLEP is second-to-none.  

And the payback is priceless.”

We invite you to Give an Hour and make a difference to the future career choices that a young person makes. Click here to register.


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