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Assurance Framework

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Assurance Framework

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Assurance Framework

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Assurance Framework

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Assurance Framework

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Assurance Framework

Assurance Framework

SEMLEP is a private public partnership delivering economic growth in line with our Strategic Economic plan.  Our Board drives SEMLEP’s strategy and delivery.  The governance, strategy and delivery undertaken by SEMLEP is set out in our 2018 Assurance Framework.  This explains how decisions are made and how we manage public money in line with Government requirements.  In particular it sets out how we manage the Local Growth Fund and other public monies to support growth projects. SEMLEP makes decisions on these funds within stated criteria and the rules of public accounts, with the support of our accountable body.

Our accountable body is Luton Borough Council. Luton Borough Council holds the public funds in their bank account on behalf of SEMLEP and manages the defrayal of these funds. Luton BC also ensures that we are compliant with our Assurance Framework and advises on our Governance, Strategy and Delivery.

SEMLEP is a company limited by guarantee. Our Articles of Association detail our legal roles and responsibilities.

SEMLEP's 2018 Assurance FrameworkLEP Governance Best Practice 2018Assurance Framework Guidance 2016Accountable Body AgreementArticles of Association

Quality Assurance

If you have any queries about the assurance framework please contact Judith Barker, Director of Programmes and Governance on

As part of our Annual Conversation with Government in late 2017/ early 2018, SEMLEP completed a self-assessment questionnaire to set out our performance in three keys areas: Governance, Delivery and Strategy.  Our questionnaire is available here. It includes a statement from our Chair and Luton Borough Council’s s151 officer as our accountable body, that states our compliance with our Assurance framework and with Government expectations in these three areas.

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