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Chambers of Commerce launch latest Quarterly Economic Survey

31 May 2016

Firms across the South East Midlands can now have their say and take part in the latest Quarterly Economic Survey, co-ordinated by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

Businesses are being asked to feedback on their experiences of trading during Q2 of 2016, to gain a picture of the local economy.

Results from all the Chamber surveys are fed back to BCC and then passed on to the Government and the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), providing them with an accurate national economic overview.

The findings from the national QES are also widely used by the media, politicians and economists.

The Northamptonshire Chamber survey can be accessed HERE.

The Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce surveys is HERE.

This Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) is a regular independent business survey and is widely recognised as a key economic indicator by Government, The Bank of England and independent economists.

It also provides both central and local policymakers with an important source of feedback of the performance, concerns and views of businesses across a geographical area.

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