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Let's talk growth: Business survey 2017

12 June 2017

This week, we launch the start of our 2017 Business Survey to gather views of businesses on a range of issues about economic performance and the future of the South East Midland's economy.

What’s the survey for?

The results of the survey will inform the area’s Strategic Economic Plan – which sets priorities for major Government-funded investments made to strengthen economic growth and development.  The results will be sent directly to Economic Development and Investment Teams across the South East Midlands area to help them shape local economic strategies and initiatives. 

Questions asked will focus on your local economic environment, what’s good and works well for you and, what can be improved. This survey is a chance for you to talk about how you want to grow and what you need from your Local Enterprise Partnership, Local Authorities and partners to help you achieve it.

We encourage all businesses contacted to participate in this telephone interview, to ensure your business views contribute to future investment decisions made. Over 2,000 businesses will be called throughout June and July 2017, selected at random. Businesses of all different sizes and sectors will be asked their views.

SEMLEP has commissioned Public Perspectives Ltd, an independent market research provider, to conduct the survey. If you have any questions please call SEMLEP directly on 01234 436 100 or your local economic development team. 

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